Canary Marketing Team, Inc.

Canary Marketing Team, Inc. was founded in December 2021 but is one part of a 16-year old organization that spans across 7 territories and 4 states.  Our partnership has a combination of over 50-years of marketing and sales experience. We are proud to be the newest business partner serving the Las Vegas territory. 

Meet Our CEO


Devin Collins

Devin is originally from Southern California where he started his career in Balanced Action Marketing Firm where he started in an entry-level position. He soon found that if he worked hard and stayed focused he would be able to move up into a territory manager position and then earn a partnership, which leads us to Canary Marketing Team, Inc. Devin is excited to grow this territory while expanding the organization even bigger.

 As we grow into new territories we are able to take our clients with us, meaning they grow their reach too!

Location Map