Canary Marketing Team was founded to help online clients build their brands within the live event space. At Canary Marketing Team, Inc. we are the ones whose responsibility it is to go first into the field and provide a service for our clients that they are unable to do for themselves. Each of our events sees upward to 10-12 thousand people within a short 10-days. 


We pride ourselves on our proven marketing strategies and a business plan unlike most out there. We are able to provide a unique experience for anyone who crosses our team's paths with our winning mindset and collaborative culture. 

We are passionate about creating a massive future for not only our clients but to our team on a professional basis as well.


Live Events

Our live promotional marketing events have a huge reach for our online clients. Each of our events are 10- 12 days in duration and see o average 5,000 - 12,000 people!


Strategy & Concept

We have marketing strategies and concepts for every client no matter the industry they are proven to work.


Event Design

Every event that we host for our clients are specifically designed with the brand in mind. Every brand and product is unique, so should their event designs.

Ready for C.M.T. to help elevate your brand?